Thursday, December 4, 2008

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $56 Vintage Pea Coat to the MAXX

Today's outfit is a combination that is a bit different for me. I gravitate toward solid color pairings, but when I had my "consultation" with my stylist Clinton Kelly he put together an outfit that used a bright geometric pattern worn under a coat. As someone who is 5'4" I would be considered petite and usually shy away from such bold patterns, because as Clinton says, "You don't want your outfit to walk into the room before you do."

So I'm happy to say that this works, and it's really basic for something that stands out without shouting out "I'M HERE!" As we head toward Christmas I find I use my red coat more. Guess I'm feeling pretty festive now that all my decorating is finished. More on that in another post...

The Breakdown.
A. Byer multi-colored shirt (Macy's sale $11/ARP $40), American Rag black denim jeans (Macy's sale $14/ARP $50), Bromleigh vintage red wool peacoat ($8 thrift store/ARP $75), Ann Marino leather black wedge ($8 Parisians - I've been wearing these a lot lately!/ARP $70), MAXX New York black patent purse ($15 eBay/ARP $125).

Grand Total: $56
Approximate Retail Price: $360
Savvy Savings: $304

This is one of those outfits that are really easy to toss on. It' s comfortable and looks pulled together (but without all the work). So what if I am a mom with two kids 6 and under whose "fanciest" destination will be the supermarket today. I feel good and my husband thinks I look good!

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