Thursday, April 16, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $29 Lucky Me Again!

Today's outfit of the day is mixing up things I wear quite a bit, like my cords and one of my favorite argyle shirts. I used the combo as a backdrop for this Lucky Brand purse that I found recently at the thrift store for $7. It retailed for $200! It's soft and slouchy and the suede is excellent. It doesn't mat down like some suede.

The Breakdown.
Mossimo argyle shirt ($6 thrift store/ARP $25), American Eagle cords ($5 thrift store/ARP $40), white tank ($3 For Love 21/ARP $3), BCBG leather shoes ($8 thrift store/ARP $150), Lucky Brand purse ($7 thrift store/ARP $198)

Grand Total: $29
Approximate Retail Price: $416
Savvy Savings: $414

Although I love the purse, I may end up selling it on eBay and "trade-up" for another purse I've got my eye on, and well that purse costs a bit more than $7.

Stay Savvy Y'all!

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