Monday, April 6, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $46 Kors Can Do Yellow!

Hope Y'all had a good weekend. After a week of tornado warnings and a few games of Candyland with the Superstars in the closet by flashlight, the clouds blew away and left us with beautiful weather this weekend, mainly in the 70's. Of course today there's a chance of snow, but hey, it's Music City!

I threw this outfit together after being called on to teach again this Sunday in Superstar #1's class. We all had fun, and I enjoyed feeling "grown-up" again. Later in the afternoon I passed out our subdivisions newsletter. As secretary of the HOA Board, I'm in charge of the newsletter. Truth is, I do it because I like knowing what's going on in the neighborhood and I feel like I can make a difference in our little community. Wearing this, walking door-to-door, shaking hands, and smiling I almost felt I was running for office.

The Breakdown.
Nine West sweater/shirt new with tags ($2 Salvation Army/ARP $70), INC jean trousers new with tags ($10 eBay/ARP $60), Michael Kors yellow leather purse ($30 eBay/ARP $350), Bandolino patent leather shoes ($4 thrift store/ARP $70).

Grand Total: $46
Approximate Retail Price: $550
Savvy Savings: $504

I'm loving the subtle yellow pop of color that the handbag brings. It's one of the few I have that is more of an elbow bag. I can fit it on my shoulder if need be, but it really feels comfortable this way. Huh, Michael Kors MUST know what he's doing. Actually, I've watched every season of Project Runway so it's kind of fun to have one of his handbags at a fraction of the cost!

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  1. I LOVE Project runway! Did you hear the news? They finally worked out the dispute between Bravo and Lifetime and the newest season will air this year! Woo Hoo! :-)