Friday, June 12, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $27 Hobo International Purse & Seven Denim Pencil Skirt

I think Clinton & Stacie call this type of shirt a "shweater" - part shirt and part sweater all sewn into one. I can't remember if that's a good thing or not, but I like it, and not because it's "comfortable." I like the way it hugs my curves and makes this faded denim skirt look like it belongs. Plus, there is no ironing or dry cleaning involved so that's definitely a plus in my book!

The Breakdown.
Como shirt ($8 TJMaxx/ARP $30), Seven denim skirt ($4 thrift store/ARP $125), Nine West buckle wedges ($4 thrift store/ARP $50), Hobo International white leather purse ($11 eBay/ARP $250).

Grand Total: $27
Approximate Retail Price: $455
Savvy Savings: $428

Hope y'all are staying savvy out there!

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