Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Fun in Williamson County at Lake Radnor

We LOVE Radnor Lake. Right in the heart of Williamson County, the Lake sits on almost 750 acres of land and is Tennessee's first protected eco-system. Up until recently we haven't gone regularly since the idea of hiking hadn't really struck the girls as something fun to do.

Us: We're going to Radnor Lake.
Them: YEAH! Can we bring snacks?
Us: Of course, what's a hike without snacks?
Them: What do you mean "hike"? We're just going to walk?

Thankfully at 4 & 7 they are starting to see that there is something pretty cool about looking at deer running through the trees, owls turning their heads all the way around and ants fighting to death on the stone wall.

The basic walk around the lake is about 2.3 miles, but there are smaller segments to be walked and still just as beautiful. This last time we saw several bucks & does as well as a few spotted fawns.

In the past we've seen egrets, turtles, fox, rabbits, squirrel, chipmunks and snakes (my Mother-in-Law actually calls Radnor Lake "Snake Lake"). If the animals are feeling shy, the Visitor's Center houses some live local snakes and "stuffed" life size animals that can be found around the lake.

When the kids get older we'll be able to do Canoe Floats and Astronomy Nights at the Lake or even a Junior Ranger Program where they can help out and earn a daily stipend.

So, if you're in Williamson County or some of the surrounding areas and looking for something fun and free to do, pack some snacks and head out to Lake Radnor. It's a beautiful place that makes for some great pictures and great memories.

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