Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $84 Boho Maxi & Michael Kors

One of the latest trends this season is Maxi dresses. And while I think some of the materials used are really beautiful looking and they are probably very comfortable, I really don't think they look good on everyone.

If you're not careful, it can make you look shorter and wider...think mu-mu. Truthfully, if you're busty, like me, it's not the most flattering look either unless you have beautiful shoulders and perfect pert "girls", and even then, I think it's tough to pull off the older you get without making it seem that you are trying to hard to look young.

But I like the whole look bohemian (Boho) look, so I decided to find an alternative and was pleasantly surprised to find that JCPenney had this cute skirt on sale for just $19.99. I know, I know, that's a little expensive for me but still not an unreasonable splurge.

The great thing about this dress is particular is that it has that elastic "tube-top" material at the top that when worn like this under a t-shirt, helps suck in a bit of the "loose bits". I can also pull it up all the way and wear it as a strapless dress with a cardigan over it and it looks great.

I paired this with a pair of gladiator-type Michael Kors sandals I found at my local shoe outlet and I felt like I was participating in spirit with a trend that I think it cute, while still staying age-appropriate.

The Breakdown.
Mossimo t-shirt ($4 Target/ARP $10), Tracy Evans skirt ($20 JCPenney/ARP $36), Michael Kors sandals ($20 shoe outlet/ARP $150), Coach Pebble-Grain Soho Flap ($40 Craigslist/ARP $298).

Grand Total: $84
Approximate Retail Price: $494
Savvy Savings: $410

Hope y'all are staying cool and Savvy this summer!

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