Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savvy Retail, uh, Fashion? Find of the Day and "Stupid" Sale

Ok, so short sport socks (say that 10x fast) don't really fall into the fashion category, but it is what my husband needed when I recently asked him if there were any type of clothes item that he needed. I like to do that from time to time and see how little I can spend to get him what he needs - it's my way of trying to show off my Savvy Skills to him.

Thanks to our friends at Kohl's, who, for whatever reason, send me $10 Kohl's cards a couple times a year, I was able to check that need off the list. The card is really, for all intents and purposes, a $10 gift card. There's no "you have to spend X amount to get the $10 off". You just can't cash it in, get change back or pay off your Kohls card (which I do not have). Suffice to say, I was able to buy my Beloved 2 4-packs of socks for $1.81. Who's the helpful wife????? That's right!

Grand Total: $1.81
Suggested Retail Price: $17
Savvy Savings: $15.19

Now I don't shop Kohl's that much, but when used wisely, little coupons like this that come in the every day mail, can add up to great savings. Whether it's a "Free Pair of Underwear" from Victoria's Secret or the "$10 off $25 purchase" from Macy's, these are perfect for everyday needs and sometimes, even gifts. And with Christmas right around the corner and sales EVERYWHERE, it's never too early to start shopping for gifts.

There's nothing better than finding the perfect gift on "stupid sale" where the price is almost too-good-to-be-true. Like the $50 Columbia khakis (with 50 UPF protection no less!) I got for my Dad for $4.98 at Academy. That's right, $4.98. Since I was feeling so generous I even bought him a cotton button-down Columbia fish-themed shirt for $4.98 as well (retail was $45). Since he lives in California, it's no problem giving shorts or short sleeve shirts for Christmas (my Dad doesn't read my blog so I'm safe sharing the secret with you - don't tell him, ok?).

Actually even if my Dad did read my blog he wouldn't care...well, maybe only because I didn't buy MORE at that price. Then I would have had to tell him that it was all they had, 'cause if it wasn't, I would have bought more and he would be getting those for Father's Day, his next get the picture.

Last but not least, a big ole LOVE YOU to my dear friends who let me know they do indeed love me and miss me (and the blog) when I'm gone. So, to my loyal audience of 10, YOU GUYS ROCK!

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