Monday, November 23, 2009

The Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $19 Jigsaw of London

Today's outfit was a little monochromatic, but I do love the little pop of red the bag brings and the colorful beading on this sweater.

I bought the sweater a couple years back at Nordstrom with a gift card I had received for my birthday. I think it was on sale for $21 down from $90. I do wish we had a Nordies here (that's an affectionate nickname given to it by its many fans), but I hear tell that we will get one soon!

The Breakdown.
Caslon sweater (free birthday gift/ARP $90), white tank ($3 For Love 21/ARP $3), Jigsaw of London Lyocell dress ($8 thrift store/ARP $158), Nine West kitten heel leather boots ($8 thrift store/ARP $150).

Grand Total: $19
Approximate Retail Price: $401
Savvy Savings: $382

Dresses aren't for everyone and admittedly I have a hard time fitting into dresses. I usually opt for a jersey knit or a wrap in order to accommodate my chest size which was a 34DD last time I got professionally measured. That sounds HUGE doesn't it? I mean, I don't think I look that big but I do have a hard time finding a dress that fits my body: anything too constructed will either be way too big on the bottom in order to fit my chest or way to small at the top if it fits my bottom half.

But I have to say that it is worth it when you find the perfect dress. You know the one that doesn't show a bunch of bulges without having to squeeze into Spanx beforehand, and well, if it does (like this one did a bit) just put a sweater over it!

Stay Savvy Y'all!

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