Friday, November 13, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $15 Louis Vuitton Cerises

So I just realized that it's happening again...I'm sliding back into my denim EVERYDAY. Granted they are skirts for the most part, and well this one is so dark that it isn't your typical ultra-casual look, nevertheless I'm sure it gets a little boring for y'all.

However, in my defense I've been rather under-the-weather lately. I've had a cold/cough that has lasted 3 weeks now. I had a fever for just a day or two of that time so I was able to meet homeschool and work obligations (barely), but I did all I could to stay as comfortable as possible.

The Breakdown.
Madison red cotton shirt ($4 Belk/ARP $50), white tank ($3 For Love 21/ARP $3), Banana Republic denim tulip skirt ($4 thrift store/ARP $50), Unisa nude shoes ($4 thrift store/ARP $80).

Grand Total: $15

Approximate Retail Price: $183

Savvy Savings: $168

So I bought this LV Cerises Speedy last year sometime and it is one of my luxury purses, and one that I paid much more than I usually do for a purse - $180. I did it for three reasons: 1. I wanted to see if I could find an 'affordable' Louis Vuitton as a challenge, 2. if found at a good price, I know I could sell it for at least double when I no longer use it and 3. I sold three other purses to buy it! A limited edition bag that is retired, this Speedy is being sold anywhere from $500 to $1000 online.

I found this bag on Craigslist, which is really a great place to buy high end bags, IF you know what you are looking for when you do so. There are TONS of fakes out there. I have spent many an hour on Discussion Boards both eBay and the
Purse Blog so that I knew what the signs were of an authentic bag.

The great thing is that the advice from these places is free and from men & women who really know their stuff: from internal tags to the number of stitches on a certain part of the bag even the types of screws used to hold certain pieces together. It's free to register and once registered you can ask all the questions you want about authenticity.

You can either post pictures and have them look at it, or even send them the link to the eBay auction, Craigslist or website you are thinking of purchasing from, and they will help you out. Sometimes their answers are quick, and sometimes it takes a day or two, but either way it's free.

I benefited from their experience to buy an authentic bag. I definitely credit them for my savvy
purchase, and if you're someone who enjoys bags as much as I do, it's a great resource.

Stay Savvy Y'all!

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