Sunday, November 8, 2009

Savvy Thrift Store Find - Le Creuset Braiser/Dutch Oven

A while back I mentioned in my post Small Kitchen Appliances & Accessories Upgrade the Le Creuset skillet I bought for just $4. After cooking with it just once I "got it". I now understood why people collected them. Le Creuset conducts heat just beautifully. I rarely need to go past Medium High heat and things just seem to turn out great with less work than some of my other pans where things get stuck or burnt. I'm sure it's user-error in those cases, but suffice to say, Le Creuset is user-friendly.

Imagine my great delight when I found a Le Creuset 2.25 qt Braiser/Dutch Oven at the Goodwill Outlet for just $5! It's in a seasonal and hard-to-find color, Peach. It originally cost around $180 so I was besides myself for finding it.

At this point I am unsure about whether or not I want to sell it on eBay and use to money to buy a more vibrant color, or just go against my natural inclination to have everything match and just keep it. Believe me, I have already tried it out and it's just a "peach" of a pan.

Stay Savvy Y'all!

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