Monday, November 9, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $14 A Bit About Bags, a Coach Laced Bleecker

Fall is here and I am loving the fact that my wardrobe has "expanded" to include sweaters. For now they are cotton sweaters since it's really not that cold, but it's a nice change nonetheless.

The Breakdown.
BCBG Sweater ($2 thrift store/ARP $50), white tank ($3 Rave/ARP $3), Red Camel denim skirt ($7 Belk's/ARP $30), leather belt ($2 thrift store/ARP $20), Via Spiga suede wedge boots (Free - exchange at Plato's Closet/ARP $270 )

Grand Total: $14
Approximate Retail Price: $373
Savvy Savings: $359

A word about purses - I don't list them in the cost of the outfit because I know a lot of people really just use one purse for everything but in attempt to show you how you really can trade out bags in a savvy fashion I'll tell you about this Coach Large Flap Laced Bleecker.

I bought this bag on eBay after selling a Botkier Trigger Bag. I had bought the Trigger earlier in the year for $100 (after selling another bag) and though I enjoyed it, I found the drop a little too short to properly fit over my shoulder. So I sold it for $175, which means I netted $75. I then took this $75 and spent an additional $55 out of pocket for this lovely Bleecker for the fall for a total of $130. Given the rarity of this bag, I will be able to sell it for more than for which I bought it. I actually saw a bag just like this just sell on eBay for $299.

I've talked to several women about handbags and their collection. A lot of women, although they admire the idea of trading up, aren't willing to part with their bags, and really, if they have the extra money to spend then go for it. I, however, don't and so I let go of old bags to buy new ones.

A girl can only wear one purse at a time, and I have found that most women, myself included, have favorites. Some lucky ladies have only one that they use till it wears out before they buy another. Others like wearing a different bag each day. I tend to fall into the second group, using my purse as another accessory and it's choice dependent upon what function it needs to fill on that given day: a carry all or a carry my wallet - field trip or grocery shopping.

That said, I know some women can't relate to the purse thing. I didn't 10 years ago and then something changed. Maybe it was the babies, maybe it was my fashion sense, either way I do view it as one of my luxuries.

I don't get manicure, pedicures, spa dates. I don't go to the salon to get my hair colored, and my haircuts, which are but a few times a year, cost me $20 a shot. I don't go out regularly with the girls or even by myself on a regular basis, preferring to spend my time at home with my family when I get a chance. I don't have any big hobbies like scrapbooking, where I spend extra money. I just like changing out purses.

The way I justify it (and yes, it's justifying it because no one NEEDS a bunch of purses) is by being as savvy about it as possible - whether it's thrift store shopping or eBay and Craigslist splurges. It's my fun way of changing things up a little and as I always say, "Purses and shoes pretty much fit on fat-days and skinny-days, pre and post-pregnancy and whether or not you just had another birthday!"

Stay Savvy Y'all...and have fun!

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