Thursday, April 2, 2009

Savvy Supermom Outfit of the Day - $75 BCBG & Spring Cleaning!

I can tell it's Spring because Spring Cleaning has begun in our house. Well, that's not entirely true. As the daughter of a German nurse, cleaning is in my blood and is never truly relegated to a seasonal activity. At the moment, however, we have gone beyond our usual presentable-clean to the "go up into the attic and open up boxes that have stayed shut for the last couple of years" kind of cleaning.

Some of this cleaning is due to the fact that I've become an aunt three times over in a year's time. The great thing about this is that I've been able to give clothes to each of my nieces from what the Superstars have outgrown. That of course requires going through the big plastic bins that were in the attic, sorting, and telling the Superstars at least 10x that "Really, mom has got it under control," and "No, you don't have to keep pulling out the clothes from the very bottom of the bin to 'help' me."

The by-product of the cleaning was one very large box sent to my sister in California and two large shopping bags of clothes to my sister-in-laws here locally. Not only do I love the fact that things are getting cleaned out, but I also love the fact that my sweet nieces will be wearing some of the same outfits that the girls wore. Going through the boxes brought back memories for all of us, including my husband who would laugh or smile at an outfit remembering some incident that happened while the perpetrator Superstar was wearing it. Mental and some physical pictures that may one day provide evidence, and well, blackmail material if the incident happened to be caught on film.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to fill in as a teacher's assistant for Superstar #1's Sunday school class this weekend. I wanted to be comfortable, but I also wanted the parents of the children to be comfortable with me helping with their children. You know, "Well, she looks like an adult."

I even act like it sometimes, but don't tell anyone!

The Breakdown.
Nine West stripped shirt ($4.29 thrift store/ARP $40), Gap cardigan ($3 thrift store/ARP $60),
BCBG pumps ($8 thrift store /ARP $150), American Rag, dark denim jeans ($15 Macy's /ARP $50), Helen Welsh patent leather purse ($45 eBay/ARP $250)

Grand Total: $75
Approximate Retail Price: $551
Savvy Savings: $475

While up in the attic I also noticed more boxes labeled BOOKS, which I quickly went through and set aside a box to sell at a place our local librarian mentioned a couple weeks back named McKay's. I brought the box downstairs and then had the Superstars go through their books sorting out the ones we wanted to give to our nieces and ones they wanted to sell, promising them a portion of the funds to buy a new book or two for themselves. I'll post more on the results tomorrow.

AND, by week's end I'll have another update on the Super Savvy Sunday Splurge!

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  1. I had a very practical question that I always forget to ask you:

    "What is your protocol for buying "used" shoes?"

    That is the only clothing item I've never considered buying from a thrift store because I can't toss them in the washer and they go on my body (unlike a handbag). Especially women's shoes that are often worn without socks. I think about the bowling alley or ice skating and it gives me the heeby jeebies. Oh, I also wouldn't buy undergarments, but that is something most people agree on.

    So, when you buy shoes from consignment or charity shops, do you use lysol? or only buy ones that seem "new"? Details, please!

    You get such great shoes, I'm hoping you'll have something to say that will help me get over it already and score some fabulous shoes! :-)