Saturday, April 25, 2009

Upgrading Dinnerware Savvy Style -

So after 10 years of the same pattern, I decided I wanted a change. We didn't have anything fancy, just some porcelain plates by Dansk, white with a blue ring around the edges - very clean-lined. Through the years and through the kids, several plates and bowls had fallen victim to chips, cracks and breaks so we no longer had a full set.

Even though I could have replaced the ones we were missing, there was a part of me that wanted to get something different. My neighbor has white plates from Crate and Barrel and I really liked the way they showcased the food. Everything just seemed to look better on white.

Then one day at my local thrift store I found a whole bunch of Williams Sonoma Buffalo China dinner plates and some all white Dansk dinnerware. I paid about $40 for 14 dinner plates, 6 salad plates and 6 cups & saucers. I then had to figure out what to do with the "old stuff."

Enter It's a site that sells replacement pieces of china, crystal and silverware patterns, old and new. I had used it at one time to research a bag full of old silverware to sell on eBay, unaware at the time that they BUY those items as well. I'm not sure how it dawned on me that they might buy my Dansk, but when it did, I promptly called them and was sent an email quote back on how much they would pay me for each piece of china I had. It was good for 30 days.

I spent time that week going through all the pieces I had and then arranging them not only by pattern, but where the item was made (some of the Dansk of the same pattern were made in Portugal and some in Japan). It was a little tedious keeping it all straight but when I was done it was up to almost $250!

Unfortunately I sat on the order too long and had to call in for a new quote. Funny enough some of the items they were going to take the last go around, they weren't taking this time or they were taking them for half as much money. They were also now taking some items that they didn't want the time before and yet it came to about the same amount ($250).

By this time I had gone on line and ordered a set 12 salad plates from Pottery Barn and some cups and bowls from (of all places) Walmart! In all, I spent about $90. So now I was up to $130 on a set of 12 porcelain dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and coffee cups. The great thing about ordering some of this online was that I was receiving great packing material to send my dishes to

In all it took about 1 hour to box everything up. I sent two huge boxes (can't believe I forgot to take a picture!) which cost me $43.

Within a week I received a call from to tell me that given the silver scratches on some and some reglazing they would have to do (at $5 a piece), the total I would receive back was $195. They didn't take two plates, which I was fine donating and I should have my check next week.

As for the items they didn't take. I plan on calling back next month and getting new quotes and seeing if a) some of the prices went up for the pieces (i.e. a cup they offered $16 last month was just $8) or b) they are taking any new pieces. I'll let you know what happens there. At this point I have more than broken even, so much so I think I'm buying some salad bowls to go with the soup bowls. My new "set" is below".

So in the end I was able to go to a larger 12 piece set of everyday-ware without spending any money out of pocket, and I couldn't be happier.

Remember that's Stay Savvy Y'all!

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