Sunday, September 20, 2009

Franklin Goodwill

Located at 601 Hillsboro Road just about a mile away from downtown Franklin, this Goodwill store is my favorite. Of course, it could be because it's right down the road from my house so it's very easy for me to do a quick drive by.

This particular Goodwill store is special in that they keep the items that are donated and sell them in the store - apparently some of the other stores send theirs into the warehouse to be priced and sent out to other stores. Given that it's located in Franklin, just minutes away from Westhaven and lots of other great subdivisions, they get a lot of GOOD STUFF. You've read my blog, most of my items are from this store.

If you are driving down Hillsboro Road you will past Franklin High School as you head towards quaint downtown Franklin. You'll see a Wendy's, Mickey Roo's and a big sign that says "Independence Square" in which you'll find the Goodwill Store, The Dollar General Store and Kroger as well as two smaller strip malls.

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