Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrift Store Score - $4 Cole Haan Patent Leather Beauty

Admittedly I have 4 other pairs of black flats, but in my defense, they range from suede, to grained-leather, some pointy, some round-toed. I did not, however have a pair of patent leather pointy ballet flats with lovely silver hardware detail on the front until I found these at the thrift store yesterday.

These beauties set me back $4. The tag reads $49.99 (there were from TJMaxx) and they has the retail price at $130). I love that they aren't completely flat. There's a tiny bit of a wedge at the back, and that they are the Nike Air tech-shoes; meaning that together with Nike, Cole Haan designed a shoe that was not only beautiful but comfortable.

Grand Total: $4
Approximate Retail: $130
Savvy Savings: $126

Shop Savvy Y'all!

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